Windows Server 2008 R2 RAS PPTP VPN

In this video we will cover setting up a Remote Access Server with NAT and a PPTP VPN solution for our network. There are some drawbacks and advantages when considering VPN protocols but the main reason that PPTP is still the most widely used VPN protocol in use today is it’s easy of setup, backwards compatibility, and the ability to tunnel several protocols IPsec cannot.

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12 thoughts on “Windows Server 2008 R2 RAS PPTP VPN”

  1. Slowly and beautifully explained. I loved to see all configurations slowly.
    This is a great tutorial for network support ppl.

  2. you simply create user but giving the user permission to use vpn. go to my
    website i may do a tutorial about setting up l2tp and vpn user.

  3. i have put your tutorial on my website, its very helpful, go to Google and
    search for diako pc

  4. I can connect within the lan without problems using shared key (l2tp), but
    i want to use certificates and having issue. But my next try will be using
    Active directory to distribute the certificates.

  5. I have a network setup as follows. internet->firewall->Domain server, DHCP,
    DNS, storage server, vpn server. I want to configure VPN so remote users
    can connect to internal network and access files in the storage server. The
    Internal network is in 192.168.1.x range. I believe it becomes an issue if
    the remote user is sitting on same ip range as that i have(ie,192.168.1.x).
    How can i configure the VPN so that the remote users get a different ip
    range when connecting and still access the files.

  6. Hi Steve… This video is perfect… I have just one question… I need to
    configure a VPN here (Brazil), check my scenario: Office 1 ( 192.168.1.xx )
    – Server is the ( AD/DNS/DHCP) it has 2 network adapters (One
    for LAN and another i’ve configured to WAN). When I tried to configure like
    you did, the clients from Office 1, does not access the server anymore… I
    don’t know, but I think I am doing something wrong here…lol… Can you
    give me some tip? Tks in advance! Bruno

  7. So you will need to make sure that you have separate IP spaced on both
    sides of the VPN tunnel. If you have the same IP space on both sides of the
    tunnel things will most likely not work. As a note to security PPTP doesn’t
    encrypt the data in transit, so if you have any thing confidential you will
    most likely want to use IPSec. I hope that helps! Steven

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