How to download torrents anonymously with uTorrent (VPN and free Proxy setup)

Learn how to make yourself anonymous online and use utorrent anonymously with a VPN or proxy service.

We show you exactly what we mean by the term “anonymous” vs not anonymous when downloading torrents. The truth is that your IP address is easily viewable by all peers sharing the same torrent as you. That’s we recommend that all Bittorrent users use an anonymous VPN or proxy service (or both would be better)

In this video, we use Private Internet Access VPN (’s editors choice 2014 best torrent VPN)
You can learn more or sign up at:

We use PIA two different ways to totally anonymize utorrent traffic using first a proxy server, then a VPN (and actually use both simultaneously with two different IP addresses).

Advantages of Private Internet Access for bittorrent users:
– NO Logs. No activity tracking.
– NO Throttling
– Unlimited Bandwidth/Speeds
– Torrents Allowed
– VPN Kill Switch (Prevent accidental IP leaks)
– DNS Leak Protection (Blocks windows security leak)
– Servers in 12+ Countries
– 256-bit Military Grade AES Encryption

Learn more about PIA:

Watch our PIA Video Review:

Other tools we feature:
Torguard’s Check my Torrent IP Tool:

Additional Questions:
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25 thoughts on “How to download torrents anonymously with uTorrent (VPN and free Proxy setup)”

  1. How would this be different/safer from simply using a proxy? For example:
    by using a free proxy in Vuze my IP in the swarm map shows a location in
    the Philippines even though I’m in the US. Wouldn’t this be enough? 

  2. so I got the PIA vpn. it works clearly as my internet speeds on torrents
    are significantly slower. I get 175mbps dl speed, so previously i was
    downloading like a 4gb movie within 5 mins, now a 2gb movie is taking 15
    minutes… is there any way to improve this? is the location I’m choosing
    to run my VPN through possibly slowing it down? suggestions would be
    greatly appreciated

  3. If I check DNS leak protection, I get the warning “Please only enable DNS
    Leak Protection if you really need it. DNS Leak Protection requires
    modifying the Operating System’s network settings and can in rare cases
    cause connectivity issues.” 1. How serious is this? 2. Can I reverse
    this easily by unclicking?

  4. This video was very helpful, I’ve had Private internet access for over a
    year now and just used that without making use of the proxy. When
    torrenting my vpn would sometimes shut off and come back on messing up my
    speed, and allowing my isp to throttle my connection. After watching this
    video, I didn’t realize that my settings in bittorrent weren’t correct
    which was why my proxy was going very slow. Thank you for the help.

  5. So correct me if I am wrong… the safest and also fastest method is to use
    the PIA proxy over the PIA VPN? With the proxy if there is an issue and it
    stops working the download via uTorrent just quits and does NOT expose your
    real IP? But, if the VPN fails it will expose your real IP? Even if the
    kill switch is used with the VPN it can be unreliable and even if it does
    work when the VPN starts up again there is a delay in masking your IP and
    your real IP can be exposed? I want to do things right the first time
    around and I am a little overwhelmed. There is a lot of conflicting
    information out there.

  6. Helpful video. Question. I am using Easy-Hide-IP (VPN Client), I can get
    to web sites fine but uTorrent does nothing, wont DL anything. Should
    uTorrents settings be specific for it to work?

  7. im having problems connecting to utorrent nothing downloading. i have pia i
    did everything you said an also i dont see ip address on peer
    exchange dht and local peer discovery say inactive. did i do something

  8. So first of all I do have to pay PIA to become a client??
    That wasn’t clear in the beginning of the video :(

  9. When you say use VPN with the Proxy but use the Kill Switch option, can you
    explain that a little better? The Kill Switch box wasn’t checked in your
    video demo… should it be checked? Also, one you have PIA installed, can
    you switch it on and off so if you’re using say Google and looking for the
    hours of the local Post Office or Beer Pub, you’ll really get local and not
    local to say London? Thanks in advance, nice demo.

  10. Do I need to setup the proxy in utorrent if my vpn is already connected,
    i’m using PIA

  11. I’m using frootVPN, which you can use with donations and I feel works well.
    However, there is no kill switch, and I’m also using an anonymous proxy
    from So you don’t need to authenticate with a username
    and password as it is open. I think this set up should work alright, but I
    tried using the check my torrent IP tool which doesn’t seem to work at all.
    Is this because the proxy is free and they are blocking the tool from
    seeing the IP? Any help would be appreciated – I’ve only ever used VPN but
    have experienced dropped connections :/

  12. I think I understand but just to clarify: proxy and VPN together is best
    but if the VPN is off then the proxy alone will hide my IP. Correct?

  13. when i try to find my torrent ip it just says updating does a countdown
    then restarts can check torrent ip please help

  14. My isp shut off my internet yesterday and threatened a bunch of shit
    because i was torrenting and now thanks to you that shouldnt ever happen
    again. Awesome vid man thanks so much for sharing your knowledge

  15. I think I figured it out, I cancelled my monthly PIA VPN account and opened
    a new yearly PIA VPN account and I think my old proxy username and password
    code became obsolete that was in the Utorrent preference connection
    settings so I went to PIA website and obtain a new username and password
    for my proxy under my new account and entered it in my utorrent preferences
    connection settings, now everything is working fine, I wanted to share this
    so others may benefit from my situation.

  16. Not wishing to put a dampener on things but how do I know that PIA (private
    internet access) isn’t just a front for something set up by those clever
    boys working for the likes of Sony/EMI/MGM etc? I don’t want to find
    myself playing straight into their hands.

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