Full HideMyAss.com Review & HideMyAss VPN Demo…

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Video review of the VPN Software, HideMyAss. This includes a full walkthrough demo of unblocking websites and how to use the HMA software, that allows you to unblock websites, anonymous surfing and privacy. Before using HideMyAss Pro VPN, be sure to watch this HMA video tutorial.

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The 3 Main Benefits of Using a VPN

The use of shared networks is common in the modern world. Businesses that use networks need to be assured of security of the information shared with others. When connected to networks you cannot control, you are at the risk of having your information getting into the hands of others. Hackers using the same network could use this information to your disadvantage. When VPN service is used, data is encrypted. Hackers will not be able to get any of your sensitive information.

VPN systems are very secure. Any kind of data or information you send on the web is safe. You can protect files on your computer by using antivirus programs. However, these files become vulnerable to virus attacks once you send them online. This problem can be overcome by using a VPN connection. No one else will access what you are transmitting online as your IP address will be concealed from other people. If you need absolute privacy when using the web, you should subscribe to VPN service.

It is important to remain unidentifiable on the internet. When using a VPN your identity on the internet will be hidden to people who may exploit it. You will be free to exchange any kind of information on the web without fear it will get into the hands of other people. This allows you to exchange information with other employees who may be in different geographical locations.

It is common to find some websites blocking content to or from specified countries. This can be very frustrating especially for people working in foreign countries. You can bypass any restrictions by connecting to a VPN server. You will appear to be in the specific country and hence able to send or receive information.

Some governments have placed restriction on the kind of information that can be sent to their jurisdiction. This can be limiting if you need to interact with the said country. Such limitations can easily be bypassed using a HideMyAss VPN connection. Business as well as individuals can take advantage of this service.

There are many websites that are only streamed by people living in the UK or US. People in other regions cannot have access to them. With the use of a HMA VPN you can also enjoy the live streams. The VPN service provider will replace your IP address with one in the country of interest. When this is done you will also access the websites like a person in the US or UK

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  1. Jimmy Trager says:
  2. BF4Only says:

    nice video, check out my channel

  3. Suresh Neil says:

    Good review. Thanks!

  4. Colin Klinkert says:

    I use HMA quite often, to watch sport :)

  5. waclosh says:

    So you worry about your internet identity and data security so much, that
    you went and uploaded publicly available video, where you disclosed your
    favorite media streams and your location, leaving a trace on the best known
    video server on Earth, which is notoriously failing to protect their data
    over and over.

  6. paladinhenk says:

    hey jimmy so you are living hungary, kecskemét i guess ? Probably becouse
    my your wife is from there ?

  7. paladinhenk says:

    what about torrents such as pirate bay ?

  8. paladinhenk says:

    hey jimmy its me again could you help me. It is such a strage thing but
    once i open the hidemyass.com in my broswer after when i try to get access
    to it again i couldnt do that again ? Why is this thing is happening ?

  9. louis peter says:

    Thanks for giving nice demo about VPN hidemyass.

  10. Quill Antihero says:

    U sound more Australian that British :)

  11. Samboy666 says:

    Is that a bit of South African I can here in your accent. Great review I
    really like it. Keep up the good work. 

  12. Walter Fürst says:

    HMA provides me with decent SD quality streaming for sports for an overseas
    subscription I pay for but normally wouldn’t be able to access where I
    live. I get about 10-15 mbps, so solid yeah.

    Tech support is solid and friendly. They are in Serbia, but speak pretty
    good English. Not sure what the complaint is about logs. They don’t track
    where you visit but only when you log on which seems fair as they probably
    don’t want one subscription for multiple logins.

    Anyway I’ll continue to pay for the service until my sports site figures
    out a way to cut off suspected VPNers, but can’t see that anytime soon.

    If you pay for a service, expect top quality. If you’re looking for
    something free, expected the unexpected.

  13. shongley says:

    Thnak you sir. Just got HMA.

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