Why You Need a VPN Service As a Business Traveler

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Why should you use a VPN service? A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, creates an encrypted tunnel through which your data can pass. This means that you can have a more secure internet connection, which adds extra protection against hackers, especially when you are accessing important private information. As a location-independent entrepreneur, you probably take advantage of free Wi-fi in cafés, coworking spaces, airports, etc. Making business or money transactions in these public places puts you at risk towards getting hacked which is why a VPN service is important.
In this video, you will learn:
• When to use a VPN service
• Which countries Google Voice works in
• The advantages of having a U.S. IP number when you’re abroad

0:16 Hi there, my name is Lorna Li, and I’m the host for Entrepreneurs for a Change, a web show about evolutionary entrepreneurs who are changing the world and designing the lifestyles of their dreams. Today we’re exploring the art of lifestyle business travel.

0:33 The topic of the day is why you should be using a VPN service. A VPN is essentially a Virtual Private Network; what it does is it creates an encrypted tunnel through which your data can pass. This adds an additional layer of protection for anything that you may be doing that involves passing sensitive personal information through the Internet.

0:57 If you’re a long-term business traveler, chances are public WiFi cafés and your hotel Internet service are your lifeline to the world and to your business. The problem is hotel Internet connections and public WiFi café connections tend to be insecure; hackers love to target these public Internet access points, and the administrators of these networks are not really on top of the Internet security game. I know this because it’s been a year since I’ve come back to Chiang Mai, Thailand, and a lot of the WiFi cafés that I’m working from have the same exact password that they were using one year ago.

1:48 If you’re a long-term business traveler, at some point you’re going to have to access your online banking, your online credit card accounts, or pay your contractors online, and if you need to do that while connected to a hotel network or a public WiFi café connection, then you definitely need to be using a VPN service.

2:09 Another reason to use a VPN service is if you need to activate your credit or debit cards overseas using a Google Voice number; Google Voice only happens to work from the US, Canada, and a handful of other countries, so if you happen to be based in a country that’s not on that list, and you want to access Google Voice from your computer, it won’t work, so you’re going to have to use your VPN service and connect to a US-based IP… and trick Google into thinking you are based in the US.

2:42 In a similar way, a VPN is also really useful if you have to access a service that might have its security settings triggered by your offshore IP address, for example, Paypal. If you connect with a US-based IP then you decrease the likelihood of getting locked out of that service.

3:02 Another way a VPN is useful is if you want to access some type of streaming media site like Hulu or Amazon Prime that only works in a certain list of countries, then you can also trick that service into thinking that you are watching a movie from a country that is included in their list.

3:23 If you are an online marketer and want to see what Google search results look like in specific regions then a VPN service is also really useful; so if I wanted to look at Google search results in Sao Paulo, all I need to do is connect with a Sao Paulo IP address. In the same way, if I want to see search results in London, I can connect, using my VPN service, to a London-based IP address.

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