Jungl VPN Review 2015 | The Smaller…the Better

Jungl VPN is a high-security VPN I’ve used for a year now. See my review, plus receive a 15% off promo code for Jungl!

Visit Jungl: http://www.farwestchina.com/jungl
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Hi I’m Josh with FarWestChina.com and I’m about to give you a two minute review of Jungl VPN.

If you’ve never heard of Jungl VPN don’t worry — of the 7 other VPN’s I tested these last 2 months this one is the smallest and frankly the least well-known. But it came highly recommended to me so I wanted to give it a fair shot.

Their website doesn’t say much, but I do know they advertise a high-level of encryption, personal support, and a nifty little feature called account suspension that I’ll dive into later.

Based on my personal experience of using them over the last 4 months, I can confidently agree that their privacy is top-notch and their certificate-based VPN is an added layer of security that many others don’t offer, or if they do it’s only on their higher-end packages.

Their customer support has been the best I’ve come across so far in my reviews. I was pleasantly surprised when just a couple days after installing the VPN I got a personal email checking in to see how my experience had been thus far.

I think this is one of the advantages of signing up with a smaller VPN service provider as opposed to many of the larger companies you’ve probably heard of. They’re able to adapt to situations easily and anytime I have a problem — and trust me when I say that no matter who you use, there will always be little problems to work through — the customer support at Jungl has gone over-and-above.

Using Jungl required a download of Viscosity, which only took me about 10 minutes to setup. They don’t offer a lot of servers, which I’ve found to be a bit frustrating, but if you’re just looking for privacy and access to blocked sites, that really doesn’t matter.

What Jungl offers that I’ve seen no other service offer is the ability to suspend your account. This means that if you’re going to leave the country for a few months or for some reason won’t need it for a period of time, just suspend your account and reactivate it when you return.

Finally, pricing for Jungle is on the higher end of the providers I reviewed but it’s still a good value for the service.

Overall, if you prefer a smaller company with excellent customer support and good security, I highly recommend Jungl VPN.

Thanks for listening, please use the link below for more information.