MPLS is recognized as the industry leader in private wide area networking (WAN) technology. MPLS blends the performance and privacy of legacy WAN technologies—such as frame relay—with the flexibility and cost advantages of Internet-based networks—such as IPSec VPNs. For more than 10 years, MegaPath has supported distributed enterprise users across 20,000 customer sites and 70,000 endpoints with MPLS VPN services. MegaPath access services —including private DSL, cable, Ethernet, wireless, satellite, T1, and DS3 technologies—solve the ‘best fit’ and lowest cost connectivity issues your organization faces as you work to provide fast and reliable connectivity at all your sites. As a component of our security portfolio, the MPLS VPN service can be combined with the complete suite of MegaPath Managed Security services and remote access Secure Socket Layer (SSL) VPNs to create an enterprise-wide solution. If connectivity and information sharing with your suppliers, distributors, customers, and business partners are part of your network requirements, MegaPath network traffic engineers can extend the reach of your MPLS VPN to sites that are connected over the Internet using SSL technology.

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