Hide My Ass! The World’s Premium VPN Service

Hide My Ass! Pro VPN — The World’s Premium VPN Service.

* We give you access to the biggest VPN network in the world.
* We have more servers in more countries than anyone else — giving you the best possible VPN connection.
* We protect you from hackers looking to steal your identity and data snoopers invading your privacy – giving you complete peace of mind.
* We unblock restricted content — giving you the freedom to access your favourite sites, services and content.

What is a VPN?
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a clever piece of technology that gives you the choice from being an ordinary Internet user — to being an Internet VIP. It’s like having a golden ticket for the Internet – it will let you bypass censorship, unblock content and protects your privacy and security whilst you’re online.

Why do you need a VPN?
Anytime you use a public internet service you are putting your security and privacy at risk. Personal data can easily be misused and stolen in cafes, hotels, airports and other free Wi-Fi hotspots. Hide My Ass! Pro VPN offers you government-level protection and peace of mind for your personal data whenever you surf the internet — wherever you are.

Hide My Ass! Pro VPN has the added benefit of allowing you to unblock favourite websites, services and content by switching country. With Hide My Ass! Pro VPN you can ensure that you’ll enjoy all your favourite internet services and sites, no matter where you are.

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