How To Avoid The Medicare Part A Deductible


Medicare part A and Medicare part B cover for your health insurance costs, but only up to a certain amount and only for limited health care providers and services. The Medicare Part A is designed to help with expenses due to hospital stay. This also includes skilled nursing facilities, hospice and in-home health services. The Medicare Part A deductibles, leaves you paying a whole lot out of your pocket too! In 2018, these expenses were as following:

  • The first 60 days of hospital pay you will need to pay up to $1, 100
  • After the 60 days, it is $275 per day
  • After 90 days it is $550 per day
  • All expenses after 150 days of hospital stay per year

For healthy individuals who don´t need to be admitted to a hospital, this won´t be a warning sign, as they won´t have to pay for this at all. However, imagine having a condition that will require you to stay in a hospital for a longer period of time? Imagine having an accident or injury, that will take time to heal? The bill can go so high, that some individuals are left ruined financially due to the high costs. If you have been worrying about this too, there is a solution available, that will give you a peace of mind. Enroll to a Medicare supplement plan!

A Medicare supplement plan that covers for the Medicare part A deductible will leave you worry-free. You will pay a monthly premium rate for the supplement plan and know, that if you ever need to be attained to hospital, your health insurance company will cover for it. Not only does it give you a peace of mind, it can also save you money in the long-run. Statistics say, that even if you only need a couple of days per year of hospice stay, it may save you money paying for the monthly rate instead.

The AARP 2019 Medicare supplement plans that cover for the Medicare part A deductible, are: Medicare supplement plan B, C, D, F, G and N. There are two Medicare supplement plans who only cover 50% of these expenses: Medicare supplement plan K and M. The Medicare supplement plan L will cover 75% of the Medicare part A deductible costs.

These Medicare supplement plans are all available at different premium rate costs. Some of them, such as B or N, offer only a limited amount of additional expenses and are therefore cheaper. Plans, such as supplement plan C or G, who offer for more benefits will also cost you more. You need to look at the other benefits of these plans before deciding. Although it might seem smart to get the cheaper one, you might end up having to pay out of your pocket for other expenses, apart the Medicare part A deductible, such as for the Medicare part B deductible, part B excess charges, foreign travel and more. Compare different health insurance companies to find the lowest premium rate available for you!